ParagonArtsco Rewards Club is our way of saying thank you for shopping at Earn Smart Cash for shopping with us, writing reviews, and sharing your artsy experience with our merchandise


What are points worth?

250 points = $5
500 points = $10
1250 points = $25
2500 points = $50
5000 points = $100

How do returns impact my points?

When you return items, the points you earned for buying them are deducted from your account.

Which purchases earn points?

All merchandise purchases made by an individual will earn points. Gift Card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees do not count toward point accumulation.

Are my points transferrable?

Points you earn are only redeemable by using the email address you provided when you set up your ParagonArtsco account. After redeeming your points, you can give the discount code to anyone or use it towards your next purchase at ParagonArtsco

*How does the share referral reward work?

Share this link to give your friends a $15 off coupon. We'll send you a $15 off coupon when they make a purchase.

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