As concerns about Coronavirus grow, we wanted to inform you how we are keeping the business equipment and packages cleaned and disinfected.

We are routinely performing extra cleaning on most of our high performing pieces of equipment using a diluted bleach solution.

Our service staff, after this, uses plastic to cover all equipment in our business and working department.

Hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the business working area accessible to all employees.

When you shop with us, every package comes in the white regular plastic package with the shipping label on it and the canvas print rolled in it. We assure you that the plastic bag has been well cleaned and sanitized and that various carriers also play the role of sanitizing these packages before delivery.


ParagonArtsco takes great honor in being your online choice, a one-stop-shop for strong visual, non- pixelated, and appealing canvas prints and your safety and well-being is our top priority. In response to the growing concerns about the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide an update on the steps we've put in place to help protect our valid online shoppers. Now, according to research, this virus doesn't stay on packages, but still, we take every standard precaution, and this includes (sanitizing every package before delivery) very seriously.


GREETINGS: We have advised all of our employees to suspend handshakes and physical contact in the printing room and around business working areas. While this is our policy for employees to smile and greet each other at the start of the day, with handshakes and hugs, all through the day, for a continuous and consistent employee business relationship, we are taking precautionary measures against spreading illness. The smile and customer satisfaction focus will continue!


SANITATION: Our employees have been instructed to increase their focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces, high-working printing equipment within and around business working areas. We have added additional cleanings throughout the day.


SUPPLIES: We have secured extra supplies of disinfectants, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, and gloves for employees and Staff, including PPEs. If you work with ParagonArtsco and would like to use any of these items, please ask a team member.


PACKAGING: Our employees have been instructed to focus more on sanitizing and cleaning packages and also rolling the canvas prints rather than framing it for customers. This action helps not only secure the packages during shipping and delivery but also helps prevent contamination from the inner design itself. We hope to offer already framed canvas prints to customers who place that particular order in our store soon, but as of right now, our best and safest method is delivering the canvas prints rolled in a plastic tube, unstretched, and the frame, placed in the box. The customer can now choose to put the frame together or order a different one.


EMPLOYEES' HEALTH: Our team members are prohibited from reporting to work without self- quarantine and doctor's certification if they have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient if they have traveled to high impacted areas (as determined by the CDC) or have taken a cruise. As a company, we have also paused all non-essential business travels. We have also set and provided a standard continuous weekly testing to all our employees and Staff to make sure everyone stays healthy throughout the company.