The Prodigy


Ezeugo Obi has a strong love for art, music, and fashion, which only grew more prominent in 2011. He has been to world music classical concerts and won prestigious awards globally. His company (his name as a leading factor) was established in the year 2019, empowered by his family's support, and currently produces a range of products from canvas prints, to men and women accessories like necklaces, wallets, standard leather bags, and more. ParagonArtsco is an online store wholly dedicated to offering quality canvas prints and graphic prints.

ParagonArtsco stores are operated either directly or through licensing partners in some of the world's most famous cities, including West Fargo, Lagos, New York, Canada, Guangdong, Hong-Kong, China, and Italy. Behind the company stands a respectful figure, known for his care and love for the people around him. Ezeugo Obi flourishes being a nurse and looking after people in need of care, which doesn't exclude veterans.

             "It takes a strong creative mindset to be an artist. This channel only fuels that inner, positive core within a person. In the end, emotions like love, care become more prominent, more alive in a human being. It becomes second nature without unnecessary analytic thoughts. You find yourself loving and caring and feeling the love for art fuels this compassion to love and care for people. I believe that without a spectrum of art, the world today will some-worth be in existence without meaning. Today's world is all art; from our emotions, our thoughts right down to the physical; things we now can see and use or consume. It's all creativity envisioned and manifested by the most imaginative minds on planet earth. Art has only grown stronger over the years, and its influence isn't fading out anytime soon. Art is not just a "one goal-oriented topic. When most people talk about art, they limit their minds to just drawings and paintings. Art is a body as a "whole" that encompasses a lot... everything in the world today, and believe it or not, it only keeps growing and expanding".



Store owner, Ezeugo Obi, was raised in Nigeria, Bariga Mainland, a suburban town 45 miles away from Festac City. He currently resides in the eloquent city of Fargo, North Dakota. His love for art and music started at a very young age. He never really had the support because everyone felt he could do something better than being an artist or selling artworks or even doing something inclined to fashion that he loved, hence the idea to build an online presence came up. As for his love for music, his family was the fundamental bedrock behind his success in such passion accompanied by his relentless effort to become an invested violinist.

Ezeugo's violin: Clarissa

Ezeugo's Violin: Clarissa

"Every time I have to put on a black suit, nut a collar-tie and pronounce myself through the gorgeous tunes from my prominent instrument, all I can think of is the exuberant feelings from the audience that lightens the hall, their happiness, and joy. For at that moment, all I can feel is what they feel. Everything else lost in space, and all that matters is that present moment".  

Ezeugo was able to bring his shop online officially, and its uniqueness through its outstanding name ParagonArtsco. Paragon" meaning value, as his reputation embodies (see his name as a more proverbial meaning) and "ArtsCO" for the people who love art, its creative designs and inventions, for the people who believe in quality painting, for the people who stands by a brand and what it has to offer. His mission is to make people see the various ways and levels in which they can appreciate art and see to what degree it has and can change lives. He puts into consideration; your home, your love for art, your classy style, and looks, and your everyday essentials that will continuously offer a considerable degree of satisfaction to shoppers. "Through the art prints we sell to the quality products and essentials, we offer you a more beautiful, convenient, and confident lifestyle to you and your home. Art has only grown stronger over the years, and its influence isn't dying anytime soon.