Canvas Arts & Prints on Home Essentials & Décor

Art is not just the canvas painting on the wall or a giant sculpture. It surprisingly comes in every shape, size, and form. The things found inside your home can also be turned into art. 

Decorating your home should not be a grueling task. Finding the right color that matches your personality is a helpful start. Look around your house. What objects are already there that you can use to spruce up the place?

At ParagonArtsco, we provide you exceptional quality home essentials and decorations that can immediately add color, a good vibe, and character to your home, including a well-improved lifestyle.


Silk Touch or Fleece Blankets

Even after the interior of your bedroom is done, blankets and bedsheets can significantly improve the quality of your room. Choose from our oversized soft hug-like warm fleece flannels available in different colors to add a more cozy feel to your room. You can also choose a Spotlight Silk Touch Throw Blanket, which is an eye-catching yet practical design element to add to your living area.


Mugs with Artsy Prints

It is easy to decorate using mugs with distinctive and lovely prints in the kitchen. Plus, we use them every day! Coffee kickstarts the day, and looking at art promotes joy. It is so effortless to start the day right with a cup of coffee in an artwork mug. 


Water Bottles 

We have Premium Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Thermos Mug Water Bottles in our arsenal, and they are a great addition to your home decoration. This lovely accessory has a flawless seal and gorgeous finish.


Soap Dispensers 

Available in Solemn White, Metallic Black, and Ambient Green, our Ceramic Soap Dispensers are an elegant addition to your bathroom and even kitchen sink. It is perfect for your contemporary home and is an absolute raw essential to have.



Of course, no one could ever forget adding curtains to beautify their homes. Our collection includes Shade Thick Insulated Curtains in lovely blue, beige, dark green, and grey colors with different dimensions to match your needs. They are made from 100% high-quality Polyester and are woven with a solid pattern.


Sofa Cover

We can always decorate and redecorate our couches without the need to call for expert upholstery services. Check out our wide range of sofa cover designs with different patterns and prints to match your style. Rejuvenate your old furniture with these slip-resistant covers that are extremely elegant, soft, and durable.



Another most common design element in our homes is the vase. Make sure you get extra creative to put your flowers and favorite plants. Check out our Simple Modern 3D Mural Flower Vase that you can hang on your wall. It is simple but fits most modern interior designs. Enhance your home with these ceramic enamel vases.


Flip Flops

Bring art with you on your next adventure and carefree lifestyle with our Spotlight Flip Flops. It is customizable and made from comfortable and durable materials. 

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